Create simple custom lookup picker in "Hyperlink or Picture" Column

Configure Variations Feature in SharePoint 2013 - Step by Step

Cannot delete content type - possibly because it's referenced in SharePoint's UI

The content type was added to the available content types for your Pages Library. Go to Pages > Library ribbon > Library settings > Content types section. Click on the content type name there and then delete. That will remove it from the Pages library. Then you can go into Site Settings > Content Types and delete it there.

Reset List Item ID in SharePoint 2013 List

SELECT * FROM [WSS_Content].[dbo].[AllListsAux] where ListID='listGuid'

UPDATE [WSS_Content].dbo.AllListsAux set NextAvailableId=1 where ListID='listGuid'

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Mode Configuration

#sharepoint#Workflow2013#Configuration SharePoint 2013 Workflow Mode Configuration 1) Check status 
http://envsp2016:9999/_admin/WorkflowServiceStatus.aspx 2) install the web Platform Installer
3) Install the Workflow Manager 1.0
3.1) Workflow Manager 1.0 cumulative update 3
3.2) Workflow Manager Client 1.0 cumulative update 3
3.3) service bus 1.0
3.4) service bus 1.0 update 1
4) Install Service Bus 1.0 Cumulative Update 1
5) Install Workflow Manager 1.0 Cumulative Update 3
6) IISRESET 7) get-command *register*
to check whether SPWorkflowService is available or not 8) Add-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell" if not available 9) Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite "http://envsp16/sites/Training/" -WorkflowHostUri "http://loc
alhost:12291" –AllowOAuthHttp -force 10) http://envsp2016:9999/_admin/WorkflowServiceStatus.aspx check again , you workflow is no connected Done

How to Create an Auto-Incrementing Number Field in a SharePoint List

Auto-numbering is a common requirement when working with SharePoint lists. You may want an auto-incrementing number on Issues list items such as “ISS-001” and so on. If you try using calculated column with ID field and entered a formula such as = (“ISS-00” & [ID]), this won’t work for new items! The reason being ID field is filled ONLY after the item is created. Here are the steps to create an auto-incrementing number field in a SharePoint list designer workflow: Create a new column, such as : Increment Number in issue list with Number type. Make this column hidden in a view.Create another column, such as : Issue No. in issue list with Formula type and add the following formula = “ISS-00” & [Increment Number]. This Column will show the increment items’ numbers in the list.Open SharePoint designer, create new list workflow (for issues list).Add a workflow action: “Update list Item” >> Current Item >> Add >> Set this field to your Target field (Increment Number