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New SharePoint CSOM version released for SharePoint Online - December 2016

Timer Job Sharepoint

APIs that return all sites in the site collection, a web part called that shows all need a SharePoint timer service that will run every night to update the sitemap. The time to run the service be configurable.

 timer jobs, that must be deployed as full-trust farm solutions

You can create an Application Page that sits in the ADMIN directory in the SharePoint Root Folder. You need to add a mapped folder in Visual Studio to do this. You can then create a Custom Action which will add a link to your application page, within any area and section within Central Administration that you wish. Here is the tutorial I followed on MSDN for this: Also, the full reference implementation for a timer job with a config page:

Possible to add a “configuration” page to my custom timer job?…

How to create Web Template in SharePoint 2010 using Feature

The WSP when deployed and activated should create a blank sharepoint site in 2013 with default out of the box lists and web parts

add calendar and Announcements web parts on the home page of the created site. There are two types of web parts: Dataviewwebpart and XSLTListViewWebPart. Calendar and Announcements lists should be created automatically when the site is created and the listview webparts (XSLTListViewWebParts) added on the home page of the site.

Understanding Onet.xml Files

How to add calendar and announcement list to my custom web template

Web parts added on the home page automatically when the site is created. just need to provision web parts in onet.xml. Then when you create site, webparts will be added automatically. These will be XSLTListViewWebparts (ListViewWebParts).

If you add following line in onet.xml, this will add Announcements list web part:

<View List="Lists/Announcements" MobileView="TRUE" MobileDefaultView="TRUE" BaseViewID="2"WebPartZoneID="Right" WebPartOrder="1" />

Similarly you can add other webparts also like calendar etc. Before you provision web parts, make sure you provision lists. That is also easy. First you need to add publishing feature ID. That will automatically add all lists. You can also add lists separately

More detail (above screenshot is from this page):…

Pages in SharePoint 2013

Add FabricSnippets to Visual Studio Code